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Turn Whatsapp messages  
into orders with AI

Reply 24/7 and send marketing campaigns to your customers on WhatsApp

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Killer features that drive real results for Shopify merchants with AI

AI Assistant

Automatically reply to your customers 24/7


Send WhatsApp campaigns or automations to your customers

Text to buy

Your customers will be able to buy by sending a WhatsApp message

Track all the metrics generated from TextYess AI

Get instant access to metrics such as: conversations managed, orders generated, chat-to-purchase conversion rate, revenue, ROAS

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Train AI  with your eCommerce data in less than one minute

Install our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shopify app

Navigate to your Shopify App Store, find TextYess app and click on " INSTALL NOW " button

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Setup your WhatsApp AI Sales assistant

Name your sales assistant, set its tone, and specify information for customer interactions. Tailor your AI to match your brand identity

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Embed WhatsApp CTA on your shop

Add your sales assistant to key website sections to instantly improve engagement and increase sales

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Boost eCommerce conversion 5x with conversational shopping experience

1 Standard buying experience

3% Conversion rate

2 TextYess buying experience

15% Conversion rate

Case studies 🚀

How Shopify brands
turn WhatsApp messages into orders

Check out some results from conversational commerce pioneers

CR 12%
From 753 conversations to 91 orders
Layla AI reached a ROAS of 13
CR 17%
From 1974 conversations to 340 orders
OlimpiaHome AI reached a ROAS of 179
CR 12%
From 4640 conversations to 574 orders
Dalfilo AI reached a ROAS of 170
CR 22%
From 1280 conversations to 287 orders
Prolon AI reached a ROAS of 185
CR 17%
From 395 conversations to 66 orders
Dreamin 101 AI reached a ROAS of 114
CR 13%
From 2405 conversations to 314 orders
Sicily Addict AI reached a ROAS of 73
merchants 💬

Why eCommerce brands love TextYess

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This is the future of online shopping. Happy to ride this innovation!
CEO of Ditano

Luigi Ditano,
CEO @Ditano

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TextYess is addictive. Our customers love the Shopping-Assistant!
Giovanni Caruso, Marketing Manager at ProLon profile picture

Giovanni Caruso, Marketing Manager @ProLon

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A product that works incredibly well. We can no longer do without it!
CEO of Olimpia Home

Alberto Magi,
Founder @OlimpiaHome

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This app is nothing short of extraordinary. To truly grasp its potential, give it a try!
Fabio Schiavi

Fabio Schiavi, eCommerce
Manager @Layla Cosmetics

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Our experience is very positive, the AI is a great point of contact to solve customer queries and lead them to conversion.
Alberto Grigolo

Alberto Grigolo, CRM
Manager @Dalfilo

Pricing 💸

Create your AI Assistant for free.

7-days Free Trial
What's included:
1.750 AI replies/month
Live-chat support
Enhanced analytics
Collect phone numbers
View conversation history
7-days Free Trial
What's included:
4.500 AI replies/month
Live-chat support
Enhanced analytics
Collect phone numbers
View conversation history
7-days Free Trial
What's included:
9.000 AI replies/month
Live-chat support
Enhanced analytics
Collect phone numbers
View conversation history
FAQs ✍🏻

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to tailor the AI Shopping-Assistant's replies?

Sure! You can edit the prompt and educate the AI WhatsApp-Assistant as you like.

How does your Shopping Assistant stand out from the rest of the chatbots?

Our AI WhatsApp-Assistant is not just a passive responder but a proactive assistant akin to an in-person sales associate at a physical store.

It customizes its interactions based on each customer's behavior, search history, purchase records, and segmentation.

TextYess AI Assistant can also generate links to checkouts, send product photos, send order tracking links, listen and understand audio on WhatsApp from your customers, and more.

What is needed to set up the AI WhatsApp-Assistant?

Not much! You have to insert your eCommerce URL and connect your own phone number for WhatsApp integration.

How can my customers engage with the AI WhatsApp-Assistant?
Are they able to independently seek assistance?

Of course! We will put references to WhatsApp directly on your site, so customers will easily find the AI Shopping-Assistant.

What range of queries is the AI WhatsApp-Assistant equipped to handle?

You're free to include any number of Q&As. The more Q&As you incorporate, the more autonomous your assistant becomes in responding. We offer ready-to-use templates for frequently asked questions. Should your assistant be uncertain of a response, it will seamlessly transfer the conversation to a live agent.

Can my customers talk to a human? How is the transition to human support managed?

Of course! A human can directly intervene in the chat and replace the AI Assistant. The human can intervene within a 24h time window from when the customer last sent the message.

What is a conversation on WhatsApp?

Conversations are 24-hour message threads between you and your customers. They are opened and charged when messages you send to customers are delivered.

What is an inbound conversation on WhatsApp?

When a customer messages a brand, that's an inbound conversation. By definition it is a 24h session called a customer service window. If you are within the window, you can send messages free of charge.

What is an outbound conversation on WhatsApp?

An outbound conversation is a conversation initiated by the business to a customer on WhatsApp which lasts 24h starting from when the message was received on the recipient's phone. Examples of outbound conversations are Abandoned checkouts, Post purchase flows and WhatsApp campaigns. All Outbound conversations on WhatsApp API have an initial cost, besides that cost all messages within the 24h slot will be free of charge.

How many outbound conversation can send a brand?

You can send unlimited outbound conversations, at the beginning of using TextYess and thus the WhatsApp API, there are structural limits. You will be able to contact a maximum of 1.000 users per day. Past that limit the next step will be 10.000 and then unlimited.

How does a brand pass the limit of outbound conversations?

You will automatically be promoted to a higher level based on the volume and quality of messages sent.